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Ever feel like your missing some spice from your life? Here at Guru Indian cuisine, we strive to enhance your flavor palate with contemporary authentic Indian Cuisine to bridge the seasoning gap in your life. 

Tandoori Chk Tikka
Guru Indian Cuisine


Guru's Twist Roll

Vegetables or Minced Chicken, Herbs

Chicken Samosa

Stuffed Potatoes turnovers or with Chicken


Zesty Soy Glaze-Garlic, south spice

Lamb Pepper

Pan fry Lamb, sautéed with spices

Top Rated Dishes


Butter Chicken

Spiced tomato and makan based sauce

Chicken tikka masala

Tomato onion-based creamy sauce

Vindaloo Shrimp

Tangy Spicy Sauce, Ginger, Potatoes,

Lamb Korma

Kewra cashew nut sauce with aromatics

Drink & Wines


Mango Lassi

Soothing mango yogurt shaken drink

Kahwa Green Tea

Traditional Indian Tea, Milk, Spices

Taj Mahal Beer

Local indian beer, dry and lasting


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Zesty and refreshing. Aarushi brings together flavors and specialties from all over India and beyond to create their own culinary world, full of surprising finesse.