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Join us for our all you can eat Lunch Buffet!

Lunch Buffet Served:
Tuesday-Friday, 11:00-2:30
Saturday-Sunday, 11:00-3:00

Hours of Operation:
Monday - CLOSED
Sunday and
Tuesday-Thursday, 11:00-9:00
Friday-Saturday, 11:00-9:30

(All prices subject to change in store.)


About Guru Indian Cuisine

Specializing in Tandoori, Seafood, Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian food

Welcome to Guru Indian Cuisine! If you have never before experienced Indian Cuisine you are in for a treat. We offer a richly varied menu of fresh natural ingredients, wholesome sauces and flavorful spices. All of our food is natural and freshly prepared daily on premises with no additives or preservatives.

Now some information that might make your dining experience even richer. First, a word about curry. Our curry is not the curry powder you find in the grocery stores. Contrary to common belief, curry is not necessarily spicy. It is an Indian word, which means "Sauce." In our dished that are served with curry, (and not all of our entrees are), you will find a different combination of mild spices, which when taken together, encourage a depth of flavor.

When ordering your food, please tell us how you would like it spiced… mild, medium, hot or extra hot. We prepare each dish with freshly ground herbs and spices to suit your taste. Either way it's totally up to you.

Finally, Indian food is remarkably versatile. Meat lovers will savor our lamb, chicken entrees, whether grilled tandoori-style or simmered in one of our light sauces. Our meatless dishes feature some of the finest choices available in dining. In fact, many are mainstays of the Indian diet. If you have any special request, please ask! If we have the ingredients - we can prepare it for you!


Indian Spice Blends

The skill of using Indian spices comes not only with knowing what spices to use, but also how to use them. Indians have traditionally used spices for their medicinal qualities as well as flavor. Different blends of spices can be said to have "heating" or "cooling" effects. A curry is a blend of spices cooked with tomatoes and onions, yogurt or coconut milk. The blend varies according to the region and the cook. Curries are likely to include several of the following spices:

* cardamom- an antiseptic spice
* pepper
* cloves- antiseptic
* cinnamon
* cumin
* coriander
* turmeric- a food preservative, also used against skin diseases, bruises, and leach bites
* red chili
* saffron
* tamarind- said to "sweeten" the voice
* ginger- good for digestion
* nutmeg
* fenugreek

Another term for a blend of spices is a masala. The first garam masala was created in Northern India under Monghul rule. It originally included cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper. Over the years, cumin and coriander were added. This blend is now know as a Monghul masala.

Spice blends are used with all types of main dishes, including meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables. In the south, curries are generally hotter and mainly vegetable (Bhujia, Dosa, Idli). Specialties include Pharsi Dhan Sak (lamb or chicken cooked with curried lentils) and the sweet-sour Vinaloo vinegar marinade.

Northern cuisine focuses on meat dishes like Rogan John (curried lamb), Gushtaba (spicy meatballs in yogurt), kebabs, and Tandoori cooking (chicken, meat, or fish marinated in curd and spices and baked in a traditional clay Tandoor oven).

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